Tog Sleeping Bag Guide for Babies

Tog Sleeping Bag Guide for Babies

A baby's sleep schedule is easily one of the most difficult things for new parents to contend with. Whether it's getting them to fall asleep, staying asleep, taking enough naps, or getting enough good quality sleep - every parent struggles with sleep issues at some point. And because every phase is fleeting, it can often feel like by the time you make progress your little one is on to the next phase or stage and you need to start over again.

While there is no magic solution when it comes to a baby’s sleep habits, tog sleeping bags have proven to be incredibly useful. But which tog sleeping bag is best? The market can feel oversaturated when it comes to these sleeping bags, so let this be your guide to tog sleeping bags for babies.

What Is a Tog Sleeping Bag?

For those new to the world of tog sleeping bags for babies, these are wonderful items that help with naptime and bedtime. The word "tog" stands for thermal overall grade, and refers to how warm the sleeping bag is and how much/little insulation is in it.

A sleeping bag, sometimes called a sleep sack in other areas of the world, is a garment that you put on over your baby's clothing for extra warmth and comfort. They can have snug fitting sleeves or be sleeveless, and they feature a zipper closure. They have an "A-shape" to them in that they flare out as they get closer to your baby's feet.

Your baby can still move their legs around in the sack, but there is a sense of swaddling that can be quite soothing for them. Even if your little one doesn’t like being swaddled, a sleeping bag is a practical item to have.

The idea is that it provides your baby with extra warmth since using a blanket isn't safe for them. They can’t get out of the sleeping bag, as it will remain safe and secure without riding up and potentially covering their mouth and/or nose.

Understand the Different Sizes

Another thing to know before purchasing a tog sleeping bag is that there are different sizes meant for different age groups. Sizing is important as it shouldn't be so loose that it's able to cover your baby's face, but it shouldn't be too snug either.

Generally speaking, the three sizes you’ll find are newborns 0-3 months old, 3-12 months, and then 12-24 months of age. Knowing the weight of your baby will also be important, as their age in months may not match up with the recommended weight for that size. Keep in mind the sleeping bag needs to fit snugly around their chest and arms, but then roomy around their bottom and legs.

How Warm Do You Need It to Be?

Also worth considering, is the insulation. Give thought to the time of year they will fit in the sleeping bag. This will determine just how warm or lightweight it should be. Chances are you'll need a couple of options with different tog ratings so that they work at different times of the year.

In terms of the ideal temperature for your baby's room, experts tend to recommend you maintain a steady temperature of 16-20 degrees Celsius, no matter the time of year or season. Remember, you can also adjust what they are wearing under their tog such as a cotton bodysuit, a bodysuit and sleepsuit, and so forth.

How Many Tog Sleeping Bags Do You Need?

You may be wondering how many tog sleeping bags are necessary for your little one. Because getting your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep can be such a challenge, if the tog sleeping bag is helpful you don’t want to be without it. Babies can have accidents and the tog sleeping bag tends to get dirty after a few uses.

Ideally, you always want to have a couple of extra ones on hand that are clean and ready to go. It’s best to have at least three or four of them. If possible, having seven – one for each day of the week – would be even better.

Watch Out for Dangerous "Extras"

The final tip is to watch out for extra features that aren’t necessary and can be dangerous to your little one.

These features should not be on a sleeping bag:

  • Drawstrings
  • A hood
  • Any other strangulation hazard
  • Tags that may rub and be uncomfortable
  • Puffy/bulky sleeves

Get Ready to Transform How Your Baby Sleeps

With the help of a tog sleeping bag, you’ll be able to transform the way your baby sleeps for the better, and this guide will ensure you find the perfect one for their sizing and needs.

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