Everything You Need to Know When Buying Baby Grows

Everything You Need to Know When Buying Baby Grows

At Zipster, we strive to provide the best sustainable and practical baby grows without compromising on style ;) In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a baby grow. Whether you are a new parent, looking for the perfect gift or just wanting to get some more information, we’ve got you covered!

What is a baby grow? 

Baby grows, also known as onesies or bodysuits, are one-piece clothing garments often designed with long sleeves, covered feet, and either button or zipper closures. 

The purpose of baby grows is to provide comfort for your little one while also providing a convenient way to get them dressed and/or diapers changed. 

Are there different types of baby grows?

Most baby grows have a similar concept and design. However, there are some variations to help cater to the individual needs of both baby and parent. 

For example, some baby grows may have built-in mittens and socks to prevent the baby from scratching themselves. 

And, while most baby grows are long sleeved, some now come in short-sleeved styles for the summer months.

The benefits of baby grows

Button or zip up baby grows: which is best?

A common question is whether to buy baby grows with button or zip closures. 

Obviously we may be a bit biased about this, but we highly suggest baby grows with zippers. 

This is because it truly makes it much faster and easier to change your little one. If clothes are too hard to change, it’ll often frustrate both you and your baby. 

How many baby grows should I buy? 

As a general guideline, having around six to ten baby grows in different sizes ensures you have enough for regular changes and unpredictable accidents. 

However, this number of course depends on various factors such as your laundry schedule, baby’s age, and how much of a mess your little one likes to make ;)

What is a baby grow?

Baby grow buying tips: 


Make sure you buy a mix of sizes to accommodate your baby’s rapid growth spurts. 

While true-to-size clothing may look better on your baby, purchasing some larger sizes ensures a comfortable fit as they grow. 

It’s recommended to always buy at least a few items in the next size up, so there is no need to stress when your baby is suddenly too big for their old clothes. 


Look for baby grows with fabrics that have stretch to allow for unrestricted movement and comfort. 


Choosing soft fabrics is very important when buying any baby clothes. Opt for both soft and breathable materials like bamboo or organic cotton, which are gentle on your baby’s delicate skin. 

Try to avoid fabrics that are highly composed of synthetic materials. This is especially true for babies with eczema as synthetic fibers can further irritate the skin. 

All of our Zipster baby grows are made of 95% bamboo and 5% elastane (for stretch). 

Other than being extremely soft we choose bamboo because of its temperature regulation, breathability, and hypoallergenic properties. 

Bamboo is also extremely eco-friendly and is considered much better for the environment than most other fabrics. Not only does bamboo grow super fast and produce more oxygen than most plants, it also doesn't require the use of pesticides due to its antibacterial nature.

Ease of changing 

Choosing baby grows with zippers allows for quick and easy access for diaper changes without having to fuss with a bunch of buttons. 

This is especially handy during nighttime changes and when you’re on the go.

Ease of washing 

Check the care instructions to make sure that the baby grows you want to buy are machine washable and easy to maintain. High-quality durable materials such as bamboo and organic cotton are great as they hold their shape and softness even after several times in the wash. 


Practicality and comfort might be important, but that doesn't mean you need to compromise on style! 

Explore our Zipster baby grow collection of fun and unique patterns to find the perfect style that reflects your little one’s personality. Picking out your baby’s clothes should be a fun experience.


Make sure that you are getting good value for your money. While quality and sustainability are important, remember that your baby is constantly growing and will go through clothes quite quickly. There should be a good balance between quality and cost. 

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How to buy the right size baby grow

Buy the best, buy Zipster!

Choosing the right clothes for your baby might seem like a challenge, but by considering the factors discussed in this blog you can now make informed choices on what to look for in a baby grow that fits both yours and your baby’s needs. 

At Zipster, we are committed to providing high-quality sustainable baby grows with unique patterns and optimal practicality. Keep your baby both stylish and comfy by adding to their Zipster baby grow wardrobe today. 

Buy your baby the very best baby grow now!

Explore the Zipster Baby blog for more buying guides, insights and helpful information for you and your baby…

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