Bamboo - A seasonless fabric for all year round

Bamboo - A seasonless fabric for all year round - Zipster

Every parent knows how stressful dressing their little one can be when the seasons change. While your baby may have enjoyed wearing lightweight clothing during the summer months, you may feel slightly lost navigating the multiple layering options available once the temperature drops. So, how can you layer Zipsters to keep your baby warm and happy throughout the night? Find out everything you need to know below. 


Are Zipsters warm enough for my baby?

One of the most appealing things about Zipsters are their buttery soft, bamboo fabric. Made from thermoregulatory features, Zipsters are comfortable, and breathable and contribute to a comfortable night’s sleep for your precious little bub. But contrary to what you may think, Zipsters are actually seasonless - meaning, they can be worn during summer, autumn, winter or spring despite their lightweight material. They truly are the perfect bamboo pyjamas for any season. 

Our 2 way zip sleepsuit not only helps keep your baby warm and snug throughout the night but also lets them have a bit of breathing space without feeling weighed down. A win for any parent looking to keep their little one comfy and toasty without compromising a good night’s sleep! 


Which sleeping bag does my baby need?

Now that you can rest easy knowing that Zipsters are not only comfortable but warm too, it’s time to think about how to layer for different temperatures. As parents, we must make sure our little ones are cosy and comfortable throughout the night. But it can involve a bit of trial and error in figuring out which layering method works best.

The last thing any mom or dad wants is for their baby to feel uncomfortable and like they’re overheating due to wrong layering choices. Equally, parents don’t want their little ones to wake up in the middle of the night crying out because they’re too cold. So, what’s the secret recipe for getting it just right?

While you should always trust your instinct on what’s right, we’ve created a handy guide to refer to when you’re not sure how to dress your little one for a comfortable and safe night’s sleep. In addition to our infamous Zipsters, we also have bamboo baby sleeping bags in both 1.5 and 2.5 togs as well as cosy vests so you can find the perfect layering solution for your little one depending on the season. Check out our tips below: 


While we always recommend snuggling your little one up in one of our baby sleeping bags to help them have a restful night ahead, it’s important to be conscious of what you dress your baby in underneath depending on how hot or cold their room is. 

  • 24°C - Whether you’re away on holiday or are just experiencing a particularly warm evening, if your baby’s room is around 24 degrees, it’s best to ditch the zipper onesie and opt for a vest instead. But similar to adults, babes still want to feel secure with a sleeping bag. With a temperature this high, use a 1.5 tog baby sleeping bag to keep your bub feeling comfortable. 


After experiencing warm evenings for months on end, it may feel strange adding additional layers to your little one at night. Autumn can be particularly deceiving - just because you experience a warm and sunny day doesn’t mean temperatures won’t rapidly drop overnight. Make sure you take a look at the weather report before heading to bed and dress your baby accordingly. 

  • 20°C - Once the weather drops to 20 degrees, you can choose to use either a 1.5 tog sleeping bag or a 2.5 tog sleeping bag. If you choose to use the lighter sleeping bag, your baby will need to be dressed in both a vest and a Zipster bamboo sleepsuit underneath. If you use the heavier sleeping bag, it’s best to keep your little one in only a vest. Play around with the two variations to find out which works best for your son or daughter. 
  • 18°C- Once your baby’s room hits 18 degrees, it’s time to put the lightweight sleeping bag away. We recommend putting your baby in our 2.5 tog sleep bag alongside a Zipster to keep them cosy and warm throughout the night. 


It can be hard getting the temperature in your baby’s room right during the winter months. Whether you’re faced with snow or just seriously cold weather outside, it can be stressful making sure your little one’s room is always warm enough for a comfortable night’s sleep. But fear not - with the right bamboo pyjamas and baby sleeping bags, your baby will enjoy a warm and happy night of sleep. 

  • 16°C- Once the temperature drops to 16 degrees in your baby’s room, it’s best to layer up your child with the full works. This includes a vest, Zipster onesie and 2.5 tog sleeping bag. This will ensure your little one is warm and toasty despite the freezing temperatures outside. 


Once spring hits, the weather steadily warms up and you can eventually ditch the heavier sleeping bag if you live somewhere that stays toasty throughout the night. 

  • 22°C - If your baby’s room is approximately 22 degrees, it’s best to keep them in a 1.5 tog sleeping bag. Only this time, it’s best to ditch the vest and only dress them in a 2 way zip sleepsuit underneath. 


How to wear Zipsters when the seasons change

If you were feeling stressed trying to figure out the best ways to dress your baby as their room temperature fluctuates, we hope this guide provided you with a bit of reassurance. No matter what season we’re in, you can rest easy knowing that Zipsters are seasonless. So whether you need a 2.5 tog sleeping bag for a cold winter night or a 1.5 tog sleeping bag for a warm night in spring, there are various layering options available to keep your little one perfectly warm and happy. Shop our latest collections by clicking here! 

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